Affordable Health Care

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Natural Health Care is Affordable

treeThe average health insurance co-pay is $25/visit. The average face-to-face doctor time is 8-10 minutes/visit.

A 30 minute direct-doctor contact visit is worth $75 with a monthly premium averaging $150-$300 (up to $3600/yr).

For limited or non-insurance coverage patients, there is an affordable laboratory.

Fees for Appointments

  1. 75-minute First Time Appointment: $300
  2. 30-minute Patient Care Office Visit: $100
  3. 45-minute Patient Care Office Visit: $150
  4. 60-minute Special Care Office Visit: $200
  5. Personalized Menu Planning: $95
  6. 20-minute Consultation by phone, video or email: $45
  7. Craniosacral Treatment: $50

Call Dr. Maria Cartwright at 916-666-0959 to make an appointment. Feel free to email any questions you might have.