Total Wellness Personalized Health Plan

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Is your body getting the nutrients it needs to have good energy, to think clearly, and to fight off infections? Toxins in your food, air, water and clothes can damage your health.

Naturopathic Doctor Maria Cartwright offers a Total Wellness Health Plan that is designed especifically to work for you. We work together to create a health program that is effective and functional for your lifestyle. Dr. Maria will recommend especially selected and lab-tested products for high-quality, effective supplements. As she creates your Total Wellness Health Plan she might also recommend homeopathic remedies or other natural therapies.

Here are the three main components included in your Personalized Total Wellness Health plan:

Therapeutic Nutrition

DoctorDid you know that food reactions can cause mood problems? Certain foods that your body is not digesting well can result in problems like joint pain, rash, high blood pressure, and more! Create the best eating plan specifically for your body. Your path to better health could be as simple as modifying the foods you eat.

See our nutrition page for more information.

Environmental Toxins Assessment

DoctorToxic relationships and work environment can debilitate your immune system. High stress level is a common problem leading to many fatal conditions. Learn to identify disease-making factors and reduce your toxin and stress levels naturally!

Dr. Maria will recommend the needed lab tests such as Environmental Exposure, Toxic Blood Elements, or Liver Detoxification Functions.

Preventative Health Plan

Doctor Dr. Maria will look at family medical history and life factors to assess your disease risks, such as heart conditions, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and osteoporosis. These are all preventable diseases.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. If you are close to 40 years old, now is the time to plan for a healthier future.

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